Infographic: Medical Cannabis Therapy

Infographic: Medical Cannabis Therapy
November 22, 2016 summertreead

We’ve developed this handy infographic about using Medical Cannabis in the interest of simplifying information for new, inexperienced patients. Many patients at our clinic are older and cannabis-naive, and while there is an abundance of resources online, it can be difficult to know which information to trust. The Summertree Medical Clinic team is constantly reviewing data that comes our way, and we do our best to double check and simplify these resources, to pass them on to you.

A major point of interest for candidates considering cannabis is the effects of different types of strains. Not all types of cannabis create the psychoactive ‘high’ that is typically associated with the drug: high CBD strains can be effective for pain while allowing patients to function as necessary in their workplace or their desired activities. The high, or mind-altered state experienced by cannabis users is typically caused by THC – this may not be suitable for high-functioning individuals during the day, but many find relaxation and relief at night with these types of strains. The current area where research is lacking is in our understanding of the differences between cannabinoid receptors from patient to patient.

In regards to methods of consumption, more experienced cannabis users who come to us for guidance and ACMPR prescriptions may not have considered using an edible at night for extended relief of symptoms. One of the best antidotes for pain is a good night’s rest. Another method of consumption we’re working on understanding is topical use: cannabis extracts can be blended into a cream that can provide localized pain relief without the psychoactive high, even when extracts contain THC. As the use and understanding of cannabis unfolds, we will strive to keep the pace, passing on the best information available.

Please let us know if you’ve found this infographic helpful, and if there are other types of information that may be of interest.



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  1. Smoky Mountain 6 years ago

    Nice overview, the infographic does a good job of making this information succinct for the average user.

  2. Liliana 7 years ago

    Your infographic is clear and helpful, thank you.
    I have a question: besides reducing pain, does the long-term use of cannabinoids also help eliminate or reduce inflammation – does that depend on the cause of the inflammation?

    • Author
      summertreead 7 years ago

      Thanks for your comment, Liliana.
      Excellent question, but a broad answer. Yes, we have seen a reduction in joint inflammation for many patients, depending on the cause. Results do vary from person to person, just as results vary with use of pharmaceutical drugs. We have also seen improvement in Crohn’s patients where they have used cannabis in addition to their regular medications. We would be happy to chat further in person – we’ll be at the Green Living Show this weekend (April 7 – 9th, 2017).

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