Rheumatologist – Dr. Carolina Landolt, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Carolina Landolt is a leading Canadian rheumatologist, currently delving into the study, research, and discussion of medical cannabinoids. One of the fundamentals of her practice is a concern for the stigma associated with medical cannabis and patients.

The idea to create Summertree Medical Clinic came about when Dr. Landolt saw how beneficial medical marijuana was in helping her patients cope with their symptoms and regain freedom from disabling pain. A particular woman, despite being in remission from lupus, still struggled with daily debilitating pain resistant to standard treatment. This patient had come to the grim conclusion that she would never experience another pain-free day for the rest of her life.

Months later, when the patient returned, she confided that she had started using cannabis – and that it had made a huge difference in decreasing her pain and improving her sleep.  She had even reduced her dependence on narcotics. It was transformative. She was the first of many patients that shared similar stories with Dr. Landolt.

As a rheumatologist and internist, Dr. Landolt has over 25 years experience, both in clinical and academic settings. Our approach emphasizes education, disproving stigma to create confident cannabis users. We work with patients to provide custom solutions, paying particular attention to ratios of THC and CBD. A major area of success has been the management of Fibromyalgia.

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