Ingredients Matter!

Ingredients Matter!
August 3, 2016 summertreead




“Optimum cellular performance. Multi-botanical, multi-extract. A few of the many phrases that are music to our ears here at DOPE when we study topicals.

When lost in a sea of endless topicals, what should you be looking for? DOPE asked the experts and here’s the lowdown.

Leslie Reyes Weddington, a board member and registered nurse with the American Cannabis Nurses Association explained the good, the bad and the ugly. “There are both salves and rubs,” she told DOPE. “A salve helps heal cuts, rashes and sores, while a rub works to mitigate muscle, neuropathic and arthritic pain.” As for what goes into them, Reyes goes on to share, “Regarding ingredients, coconut oil, almond oil and any oil is okay, but some may add polysorbate 80 as a preservative, which is not good.” Topicals made from full cannabis extractions are often viewed as a better alternative to hemp extractions, as they carry more medicinal properties.

Weddington added that ensuring your hemp extractions come from food grade hemp is crucial. Non-food grade hemp may contain contaminants from pesticides. Dr. Louie Yu, chiropractor and leader of orthomolecular medicine added, “Topicals can be very effective for pain control and arthritis-related joint issues. You need to avoid cannabis extractions using heavy chemicals, especially butane.”

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