CanvasRx to offer cannabis education to all Canadians

CanvasRx to offer cannabis education to all Canadians
December 16, 2015 summertreead


CanvasRx Inc., Canada’s leading cannabis counselling and education provider, today announced that it is making its services available to all Canadians who want to learn more about cannabis. The new Cannabis Education Program (CEP) will be rolled out province-by-province starting January 2016.

“While we applaud the Canadian government’s moves toward legalized access to cannabis, there is still much work to be done in preparing Canadians for this change,” said Ronan Levy, Co-founder and Chief Corporate Officer of CanvasRx. “Our mandate to date has been to empower patients who wish to explore the use of cannabis as medicine. But we believe that all Canadians have a right to know more about marijuana before legalization of adult recreational use is rolled out. And so we are doing something about it.”

Currently, only patients of  Canadian Cannabis ClinicsMedical Marijuana Clinics of Canada, Summer Tree Medical Clinics, as well as select other clincs that refer patients to CanvasRx, have access to CanvasRx’s cannabis counsellors, educators and resources. However, once the CEP is launched, each of these services will be available at no cost to anyone who is interested in learning more about cannabis, its uses, its effects and side effects, available strains and consumption techniques.

The CEP is being launched with two objectives: (1) to lower the resistance doctors across Canada may have to prescribing cannabis by providing their patients with the information and resources they need to make informed choices on medical cannabis; and (2) to prepare the broader Canadian public for the impending legalization of recreational use marijuana.

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