Cannaspace at the Green Living Show

Cannaspace at the Green Living Show
April 5, 2017 summertreead

In 2016, Summertree Medical Clinic was the first cannabis business to take part in the Green Living Show. A gentle introduction, our talk on medical cannabis provided by Dr. Carolina Landolt and lawyer Paul Lewin was well received by the audience.

For 2017, the cannabis conversation has gone mainstream, and the cannabis space at the Green Living Show is growing to include licensed producers, a wider range of doctors, and curated products. There are a number of talks and panels devoted to cannabis, such as: ‘Mythbusters: Breaking Down the Stigma of Cannabis’; ‘CBD vs. THC, Indica vs. Sativa: What’s right for you?’; a cooking demo by The Green Chef, and ‘Sleep, Success, and Cannabis’, a talk by Summertree’s Medical Director, Dr. Carolina Landolt.

Here’s how the Green Living Show sees it: “Although Health Canada governs and regulates licensed producers and there are a variety of sources that contain up-to date information on medicinal marijuana, currently there is no single comprehensive source providing medical advice. For patients living with chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder — or other illnesses that could be supported by the benefits of cannabis — navigating the information can be intimidating or overwhelming, and it can be an added challenge determining if you are getting your information from a reliable source. Being a relatively new field, many people are hesitant, either because of the associated stigma or they just don’t know where to start.

“As is the case with all matters relating to health, it’s crucial for consumers to be armed with information from credible sources so they can make an informed decision about what’s best for their health,” says Laurie Simmonds, President and CEO of Green Living Enterprises. “The Green Living Show is a great forum to discuss alternative health therapies and bring together a group of experts who can help provide clarity.”

This year’s Green Living Show – April 7th – 9th – will feature exhibits and experts from GrowWise Health, Mettrum, Apollo Cannabis Clinic, Summertree Medical Clinic, Ahlot, and Women Grow, as well as Tokyo Smoke — the first Canadian consumer brand to launch as a licensed cannabis producer in Canada.

About The Green Living Show

The Green Living Show is Canada’s largest consumer show dedicated to simple solutions for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. This three-day event offers inspiration for all ages and features influential speakers; innovative products; eco home and garden design; local and organic food and wine tastings; health, wellness and yoga pavilions; eco fashion and green beauty makeovers; electric car test drives; nature exhibits and fun activities for the entire family.


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